Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To Chalk or Not to Chalk...

You know those women that are stylish and make it seem completely effortless?  I have a casual acquaintance who fits this description and her home is as equally chic as she is.  The house was built in the forties with older appliances that could stand to be replaced.  Rather than buying a new fridge, she breathed new life into her old one by covering it in chalkboard paint.  Now it is a canvas for shopping lists, love notes and her little girl's doodles.  I have been contemplating doing the same to our fridge as it is a bit dated but am not sure if I can take the plunge.  What would you do?

Isn't this kitchen amazing?  I would hope my fridge would have some semblance to this one.


1 comment:

  1. That could be really cute and also fun for Marin when she gets a little older. Picture yourself cooking while she draws a masterpiece on the fridge!